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What We Do?

AMOR Diamonds by Ram Kumar Saraf, Chaupla Road incorporates master craftsmanship with best quality handpicked diamonds, giving you an option to pick a jewellery from ready inventory or create a unique jewellery piece from scratch from an idea, a memory, or a design that you happen to like (impressed) over the Internet.

The ideology behind AMOR diamonds is to give our customers an option to customise their engagement bands or any other piece of jewellery, a concept which very few brands in India work upon, and instead focus on selling only ready commercial designs that you can happen to find on everyone & everywhere.

At AMOR, we encourage our customers to create something unique that reflects their personality, at the same time giving them an option to choose from one of the largest unique collections of ready diamond jewellery.


Your Custom-Made Engagement Rings
Create your own expression of LOVE

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery for anyone. An engagement band signifies lifelong commitment & eternal love, and as such should reflect each individual’s emotions & personality.

At AMOR diamonds, we encourage individuals to bring their emotions to reality, by creating custom engagement rings, designed to meet the specific needs and desires of the wearer, with every detail carefully considered to ensure a perfect fit and appearance.

With option to create a unique design from scratch, we will help you to bring your imagination to reality. Just tell as an idea, or an important memory, & we will create a sketch/CAD which post approval will be transformed into your dream ring.

Similarly, it’s possible to customize any other piece of jewellery, be it pendants, earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Plan your jewellery

Start by brainstorming the design concept for the diamond ring, consider factors such as Ring Size or any special features you want to include. Discover fresh ideas and concepts based on the design brief, curate a selection of sketches, and approve a design concept. After the sketch, translate your design into a detailed 3D model using CAD software. CAD also helps in simulating the final look of the ring. Based on the CAD design approval, we proceed to create a 3D wax prototype, allowing for a tangible representation to be cast for viewing and trial purposes.
Following the design's endorsement, the fabrication process will commence, using gold as the primary material and procuring the necessary diamonds and gemstones. Once the crafting is complete, a comprehensive quality evaluation will be conducted prior to applying hallmarking and obtaining certification.
Stage 1
Consulting & Designing Concept
Stage 2
Cad Design
Stage 3
Wax Prototype
Stage 4
Stage 5
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